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At Steve O’s Automotive, we try very hard to repair your automobile to exacting standards, and we use the very best parts available at the most reasonable cost. As part of our commitment to you as a customer, service excellence has become our company mantra. This shows on the faces of our satisfied customers and in their words as well. If you would like to be showcased on our website, please feel free to send us a review using the form on the right and we will be more than happy to include it here on the site. And if you leave us a Google review for Steve O’s Automotive as well detailing the service that you received at Steve O’s, we’ll send you a coupon for your next visit – see our coupons page for full details.

Picture of Satisfied Customer at Steve O's AutomotiveHighest recommendation!
I went to 2 other shops that couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my car. Steve O’s found out and fixed the car within 30 minutes. First class people and service. I will be using them for all my automotive needs!
– Jessica

Picture of customer who saved money with Steve O AutomotiveMy car broke down in San Jose, CA and was told I had to have the engine pulled and was looking at $3000 bill. Instead I shipped the car back to Las Vegas on a truck and Don and the guys at Steve O’s fixed the car for less than $1000 without having to pull the engine. The car runs better than ever and just dropped it off today for additional maintenance. Very Honest, best service, best mechanic, I have ever used.
– Ronald

Picture of family happy with brake repair by Steve O AutomotiveAfter 2 Years and 3 Visits to ‘ Other Shops'; My brakes either pulsed, chattered or squeaked. NOT ANY MORE… thanks to my old friend Don & new friend Mike at Steve O’s.
– Michael

Coming from a guy that knows how to work on the older cars, pre computer, this place is great. First rate professional shop with all of the things one expects to see in a great shop. They have professionals that greet the public with respect, and carry out the work in a very competent manner. I escpecially like the old school charm that this place puts out and the No Nonsense approach to doing business, I mean they dont try to sell you new tires when your engine wont start like some of the other places around town try to do. Take it from a guy who knows cars, just not my wifes Lexus, These guys are the real deal and won’t steer you wrong.
– “Gear Head”